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2022年,随着新冠疫情形势日渐减缓,目前印尼经济已初步恢复正增长,第一季度GDP同比增长率达到5.01% ,预计今年印尼经济增速将在5%至5.4%之间。

Indonesia's economy has tentatively returned to positive growth in 2022, with GDP growth reaching 5.01% year on year in the first quarter and is expected to grow between 5% and 5.4% this year, as the COVID-19 pandemic slows.


As the only populous country with stable development in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is in the stage of rapid development lasting at least 15 years. By 2030, Indonesia will become the sixth largest economy in the world, and by 2040, it will overtake Japan and become the fourth largest economy in the world. In addition, Indonesia is a young country with an average citizen age of only 28 years old. It has high acceptance of the new model and system, significant demographic dividend and huge development potential.


To sum up, Indonesia has obvious advantages in various macro indexes and objective factors of economic development. Better economic prospects and unique comparative advantages continue to attract foreign investment. Indonesia, with its rapid growth in foreign investment, has become one of the most attractive destinations for investment among the 10 ASEAN countries, and a number of favorable conditions are helping more foreign investment flow into Indonesia.


At the same time, with the increasing influence of regional politics in the international level, Indonesia has played a decisive role in the appeal and influence of Southeast Asia. Indonesia with China, the United States, the European Union and other international relations get along well, and the economic development is in a golden period of stable rise! Under this economic background, it will become the most promising investment direction in the next five to ten years to enter the Indonesian market through cooperative investment and other ways, conduct in-depth business contacts and analyze the potential of the Indonesian market.

太河集团始创于2003年,致力于印度尼西亚特色商品国际贸易与中印尼文化交流,历经十几年的稳健发展与沉淀,成长为以“印尼街城” 卫星新城项目为核心,。现已在美国OTC市场上市,股票代码:TIHE, 正式打通全球资本运营通道。集团项目涵盖金融、贸易、文化、旅游、地产、新能源、卫星通信、健康医疗等领域,并长期致力于推动“一带一路”战略在印尼的落地发展,促进亚洲经济发展一体化,提升双向投资合作,引进优秀企业力量,为两国商务往来提质增效,已连续多年被评为“亚洲品牌500强”企业。

Taihe Group founded in 2003, is committed to the international trade of Indonesian characteristic commodities and cultural exchanges between China and Indonesia. After more than ten years of steady development and precipitation, it has grown to take "Indonesia Street City" satellite new town project as the core. Now listed in the OTC market of the United States, stock code: TIHE, officially opened up the global capital operation channel. Group project covers financial, trade, culture, tourism, real estate, new energy, satellite communications, health care and other fields, and long-term committed to promoting the strategy of "One Belt One Road" in Indonesia's development, promote the development of Asian economic integration, promote two-way investment cooperation, the introduction of excellent enterprise strength, quality, and the efficiency for the business between the two countries, It has been rated as one of Asia's Top 500 Brands for many years.

在2022年十二月份,太河集团旗下期货交易中心,中亚海丝路交易中心,S-Hotel, 步行街等重点项目将盛大开幕!届时,集团诚邀社会各界人士莅临开幕现场,一同见证太河集团未来五年的广阔蓝图正式启航!太河集团五年内还将继续投资五十亿美金来支持建设与发展集团重点项目!太河集团正在一望无垠的22世纪新发展道路上掌舵未来,引领时代。集团旗下国际离岸金融中心,国际会议中心以及亚洲国际港口一体化项目正在加紧建设途中,从可持续发展上达成集团长期发展,立足未来的宏图目标。

In December 2022, the futures trading center, Central Asia Sea Silk Road Trading Center, S-Hotel, pedestrian street and other key projects under Taihe Group will be grand opened! At that time, Taihe Group sincerely invites people from all different of fields to attend the opening ceremony and witness the official launch of Taihe Group's broad blueprint for the next five years! Taihe Group will invest an additional $5 billion over the next five years to support the Group's key projects. Taihe Group is steering the future and leading The Times in the boundless new development road of the 22nd century. The Group's international offshore financial center, international conference center and Asian international port integration projects are on the way to accelerate the construction, from the sustainable development to achieve the group's long-term development, based on the future of the ambitious goal.


The backdrop of the slow recovery in the global economy, Taihe group will provide the excellent brand suppliers of raw materials with great potential development opportunities, the group will be priority to the development of excellent raw materials brand suppliers as the depth of cooperation partners, in the subsequent project construction process, depth of cooperation partners, will become the main supplier and with group's projects development go hand in hand, make progress together.


Through its own strength, Taihe group will directly create wealth for partners through diversified development and obtain returns. Based on the principle of complementary advantages and win-win cooperation, investment partners to jointly create efficient and stable business partnership, give full play to their respective advantages, thorough accurate docking, efforts to expand areas of cooperation, including technology, channel network and industry experience, etc., to deepen promote multidisciplinary cooperation, the two sides to achieve win-win!






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